Mario Ballario

About me

My name is Mario Ballario. I'm a manager and creative technologist from the wine lands of Piedmont, Italy.
I'm currently living in Geneva, Switzerland, and over the course of my life I also lived in Torino, Stockholm and Barcelona.

My job brought me to work for brief periods in many places scattered around the world, allowing me to experience different cultures and have a international background.

I'm currently working at Isobar Switzerland as team manager, tech lead and UX and interaction expert.

This is my personal website and contains information about me, my career and some of the projects I particularly enjoyed.

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Management has always been an integral part of my activity.
As a manager I spent the last 10 years of my career covering a number of roles.

As a founder of 2 companies I was able to bring them to success, being recognized as leading in VR tour in early 2000s for the 1st and one of the top creative technology companies in digital production in Italy.

As a technical director in a number of companies I drove the technology choices, set up best practices and lead the activities of the development department.

As a team manager I lead big and small teams (between 5 and 35 people) in a wide range of technologies.

As a technical project manager I supported the PMs to align the projects with the technical quality expected by the clients.

As a scrum master I lead teams to effectively create usable and solid software in a number of different contexts.

I recently graduated at the EMBA at the MIP Politecnico di Milano, Graduate School of Business and my career is now focused on driving innovation and digital transformation.

Creative technology

Being passionate by technology and interactivity, I always love to explore the boundaries of technology, UX and create experiences that go beyond the traditional and common approaches, to try and create something unique, engaging and beautiful.
In early 2000 the tool of choice was Flash and I started to create innovative applications that could serve my client to achieve digital success.
Since then I followed and contributed to the evolution of the digital space working with some of the leading digital production agencies and, through experimentation, contribute to define what eventually became the de facto UX and ergonomy standards of the applications we use today.
Over the years I was able to work on many award winning projects as part of teams constituted by the most brilliant minds in the industry for the most important brands in the world.