Digital Design Days & Award • OFFF Milano

I’ll be judging and speaking at the upcoming Digital Design Days & Award in Milano. A three days event including the first edition of OFFF Milano, the Digital Design Award ceremony, and many workshops, digital showcases, parties… It will also be great to meet so many friends that accompanied me during all these years of my professional career.…

Meet the FWA Judges…

I was interviewed by Rob Ford for the “Meet the FWA Judges…” series.

FWA • Mobile of the Day

My Instagram portfolio just got a FWA Mobile of the Day award. I’m delighted!

Instagram portfolio

  • Role: Creative Director, Creative Technologist
  • Visit site >

I made an experimental portfolio website running entirely on Instagram. Search the user “home_ballario” on the popular social app and explore the content by looking for tagged profiles.…


I joined blue-infinity, one of the top swiss digital agencies and I’m heading the front end team in their digital advertising department.

Swatch Faces 2015 • Biennale di Venezia

  • Agency: Buzz Brothers
  • Brand: Swatch
  • Role: Technical Director, Installation Architect, System Administrator, Back End Developer, Front End Developer, On Site Technician, Technical Producer
  • More info here

Swatch is the main partner of la Biennale Arte 2015, the world’s most prestigious exhibition of contemporary art.…

Swatch Irony Xlite • Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can is the a paparazzi challenge where the user has to find the XLite Robot to win an Irony Xlite Watch. The user has to explore the map and, with the help of clues posted on social network and on the site, find where the robot is located and take a snapshot of it.…

Zenith Experience

The Zenith Watches – The Experience! is a tablet application to guide the user through maintenance, repair and restoration service steps. It includes step by step tutorials to explain the setting process of the Zenith watches and interactive explanations of some of the greatest complications.…

FWA Hero

I got a fantastic and unexpected surprise, I was awarded with the FWA Hero golden medal.

Buzz Brothers

Time to leave Stockholm, I'm moving to Geneva! I joined Buzz Brothers, I'll be the technical director and I will be in charge of building the whole tech department there. New country, new city, new company, exciting!